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18th Bidding Round (2022)

Published: Friday, 08 June 2018 14:09 | Last Updated: Thursday, 08 October 2020 13:57

Forecast: 2022

ANP informs that CNPE Resolution No. 10, of June 5, 2018, was amended by CNPE Resolution No. 07, of August 18, 2020, published in the DOU on 09/09/2020, and that ANP was authorized to carry out the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Bidding Round of blocks for exploration and production of oil and natural gas, under concession, in the years 2021 and 2022, respectively.

On August 30th, 2018, the National Energy Policy Council - CNPE - Released its Resolution No. 10 in the Union Official Gazette - DOU - , which establishes the guidelines for multiyear planning of oil and natural gas exploration and production blocks for the 2020 - 2021 biennium and authorized the ANP to hold the 18th Bidding Round of blocks for the exploration and production of oil and natural gas, in the concession regime, in 2021.

For the 18th Bidding Round, shall be selected blocks from the Ceará Basin (SCE-AP1, AP2 and AP3) and Pelotas (SP-AR2, AR3, AP2, AUP2 and AUP7) and ultra-deep waters outside the Pre-salt polygon of the Espírito Santo Basin (sector SES-AUP2, AUP3 and VT).

CNPE Resolution no. 17, of June 8, 2017, provides that the blocks indicated to be offered in the bidding rounds promoted by the ANP will be previously analyzed for environmental feasibility by the competent environmental agencies.

The objective of this joint work is to eventually exclude areas due to environmental restrictions due to overlap with areas where oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) activities are not possible or recommended.

Click the links below to view the maps of the areas offered:

General Map of the areas offered


SCE-AP1, SCE-AP2 and SCE-AP3 Sectors


SP-AR2, SP-AR3, SP-AP2, SP-AUP2 and SP-AUP7 Sectors


SES-AUP2, SES-AUP3 and SES-VT Sectors
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