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3rd Bidding Round - Areas with Marginal Accumulations

In 2015, ANP held for the third time a bid in order to grant only the concession contracts for rehabilitation and production of oil and natural gas in inactive areas with marginal accumulations. This bid was performed as the second stage of the 13th Bidding Round in accordance with CNPE Resolution No. 01/2015.

In this event, 10 inactive areas were offered, namely: Alto Alegre, Barra Bonita, Bela Vista, Fazenda Gameleira, Iraí, Lagoa do Doutor, Miranga Leste, Paramirim do Vencimento, Riacho Sesmaria and São João. These areas are distributed in 6 sedimentary basins: Barreirinhas, Potiguar, Tucano Sul, Recôncavo, Espírito Santo and Paraná.

The ANP held, on December 10, 2015 in the auditorium of its Central Office, in Rio de Janeiro, the public presentation of offers of this round of bidding. Of the 10 areas offered, 09 were bought. Only the Miranga Leste area did not receive any proposals.

On May 12, 2016, took place the signing ceremony of the concession contracts of the inactive areas with marginal accumulations secured. Only the area of Fazenda Gameleira did not have its contract signed. The signing bonuses of the eight contracts signed amounted to R$ 3,965,201.00.

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