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Agreements Assignment

Under Laws No. 9,478/1997 and No. 12,351/2010, transfer (assignment) of agreements for exploration and production of oil and gas is allowed, preserving the object and contractual conditions, provided that the assignee meets technical, economic, and legal requirements.

Authorization for assignment of agreement, as well as for performance of merger, spin-off and incorporation, change of operator, and replacement or exemption of performance guarantee shall be preceded by administrative procedure for assignment.

The assignment process will be started and conducted by ANP, in the terms of ANP Resolution ANP nº 785/2019 and ANP Ordinance No. 126/2016, and will follow the procedure as described in the Assignment Procedure Manual.

ANP Resolution No. 785/2019 was published after a period of Public Consultation and Public Hearing No. 28/2018 and discussions about the financing modality Reserve Based Lending.

Change in the assignment procedure during the COVID-19 pandemic period

Change in the assignment procedure during the COVID-19 pandemic period


The Assignment Procedure contains submission of documents, procedural sequence, conditions for qualification of assignees, list of documents required for initiation of the process and ...

Processes for Assignment of Agreements

Administrative procedure for request for assignment is initiated based on filing of request, through which the limited liability companies interested submit documents for review and obtaining of authorization of ANP

Extension of agreements

ANP reiterates to the economic agents interested in potential businesses involving assignment of rights and obligations that the possibility of contract extension is provided for in several forms of concession agreement used in each bidding round of areas for exploration and production

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop on Agreements Assignment of E&P

ANP held on April 7 the “Workshop on Agreements Assignment of E&P” in order to provide information and guidance to companies operating in exploration and production of oil and natural gas (E&P) interested in Agreements Assignment processes.

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