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Open Acreage - ANP approves the inclusion of new blocks

Published: Tuesday, 05 May 2020 20:46 | Last Updated: Friday, 08 May 2020 20:09

The Collegiate Board of ANP approved in Deliberative Circuit No. 411, of April 6, 2020, the final versions of the Tender Protocol and Agreement model for the Open Acreage. The final versions were sent to the Federal Audit Court (TCU), under the terms of Normative Instruction TCU nº 81/2018 and is expected to be published in July 2020.​

The list of objects on offer will include 708 exploratory blocks and three areas with marginal accumulations, distributed as follows:​

  1. 519 remaining blocks, after the 1st Cycle of the Open Acreage ;​
  2. 24 blocks that were not auctioned in the 16th Bidding Round;​
  3. 149 blocks that were under study and obtained an opinion regarding environmental feasibility;​
  4. 16 blocks from the SAM-O sector that were ratified by FUNAI's opinion.​

Regarding the areas with marginal accumulations, two are the remaining areas of the 1st Cycle of the Open Acreage and the third is the Juruá area, which was submitted to Public Consultation.​

The amount of exploratory blocks to be offered differs from that exposed during the public consultation and hearing period (740 blocks), as the following changes occurred between the Public Hearing No. 25/2019 and the deliberation of the Collegiate Board:

  1. inclusion of 16 exploratory blocks that had their manifestations with the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) ratified​
  1. exclusion of 48 exploratory blocks with restrictions for maintaining the list of objects on offer (Ceará Basin - 1 Block from Sector SCE-AP3; Espírito Santo Basin – 3 Blocks from Sector SES-T6; Parnaíba Basin - 3 Blocks from Sectors SPN-N and SPN-O; Potiguar Basin - 14 Blocks from Sectors SPOT-T3, SPOT-T4, SPOT-T5; Recôncavo Basin - 26 Blocks of the SREC-T1 and SREC-T4 Sectors; Tucano Basin - 1 STUC-S Sector Block) already included in the current Tender Protocol, going from 567 for 519 remaining blocks.​

In addition to the object of the Tender Protocol, there was also an update of the parameters of the blocks and of the areas that were already included in the previous version, especially with regard to the methodology for defining royalty rates, which led to the revision for some sectors.​

Check the maps of the 708 blocks and the three areas with marginal accumulations:​

Map of Blocks with Exploratory Risk​

Map of Areas with Marginal Accumulations​

Follow the information about the bidding instruments here.



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