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Open Acreage

Under terms of the 4th article of Resolution CNPE nº17, released in 06/08/2017, amended by CNPE Resolution nº 3, of 6/4/2020, the National Agency Of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuel – ANP – implemented the Open Acreage of exploratory blocks and areas with marginal accumulations for awarding concession agreements for exploration or rehabilitation and production of oil and natural gas.

On April 27, 2018, ANP released the rules for participation and the technical and economic parameters of the first available areas, and on July 20, 2018, the first version of the public notice was published, providing 148 exploratory blocks and 14 areas with accumulations marginal in the list of objects of the Open Acreage.

The Open Acreage consists of the continuous offer of exploratory blocks and areas with marginal accumulations located in any oshore or offshore basins returned or in the process of being returned to the ANP. The exception are the blocks located in the pre-salt polygon, in the strategic areas or on the Continental Shelf, in addition to the 200 nautical miles, as well as those authorized to compose the 17th and 18th Bidding Round.

ANP discloses the blocks and areas under study and, after obtaining the environmental guidelines, they are included in the list of objects of the Open Acreage, through a Public Hearing and other deliberative procedures.

Bidders who meet all the registration requirements set out in section 4 of the notice will have their request considered fit to be judged by the Bidding Round Special Commission (CEL). Once approved, registered bidders will be able to submit a declaration of interest for any blocks or areas, provided that it is accompanied by an offer guarantee.





Unlike other modalities, in the Open Acreage, a public bidding session takes place up to 90 days after the approval by CEL of a declaration of interest, accompanied by an offer guarantee, for any blocks or areas on offer. Upon approval, a new Open Acreage Cycle is opened and CEL publishes its schedule.

Infographic cycle


For each new cycle of the open Acreage, the ANP will publish the schedule with the dates and deadlines related to payments, delivery of documents and other relevant information.

Cycles of Open Acreage

The Second Cycle of Open Acreage started on September 11, 2020 with the approval by the Bidding Round Special Commission (CEL) of the declaration of sectors of interest for blocks and / or areas on offer submitted by a company already registered in the process, accompanied by a guarantee offer. For more details on the approved schedule, published in the DOU on 9/11/2020, check the Schedule of Second Cycle for the Open Acreage.

To follow actions related to the First Cycle for the Open Acreage, click here.

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