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Environmental Guidelines

Published: Wednesday, 08 November 2017 14:26 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 November 2017 13:04

For compliance with the provisions in CNPE Resolution No. 08/03, the areas offered in the bidding rounds promoted by ANP are previously analyzed as for the environmental feasibility by the environmental state authorities and the Interinstitutional Working Group of Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas – GTPEG.

The purpose of this joint work is to eventually exclude areas with environmental restrictions due to overlapping with areas where exploration and production (E&P) of oil and gas is not possible or recommended.

As a result of this analysis, opinions are prepared by the environmental authorities containing some guidelines that allow the future concessionaire to include the environmental variable in its technical and economic feasibility studies of the projects of E&P of oil and gas.

Considering that the areas to be offered are located in the sea basins (Santos and Campos), the GTPEG manifestation was requested, assisted by the issuance of the Preliminary Technical Report GTPEG No. 2017 - Rev 07.

Norte de Carcará, Sul do Gato do Mato, Entorno de Sapinhoá and Sudoeste de Tartaruga Verde.

Preliminary Technical Report GTPEG No. 2017 - Rev 07
ANP-GTPEG Joint Manifestation


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